Call for Tenders: HRIA Blueprint development and capacity building

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Call for Temders: Development of a methodology and practical guidance (blueprint) for the implementation of a tourism-specific Human Rights Impact Assessment in destinations, including accompanying trainings for small and medium-sized tour operators

The analysis of sector- and destination-specific human rights risks is the first step in business-related impact assessments and effective safeguards for tour operators. Particularly small and medium-sized tour operators need practical recommendations for action in order to avoid risks or to develop solutions together with local partners.

With the development of the Get Started tool ( the RT has done an important groundwork to highlight sector-specific human rights concerns along the tourism value chain, providing concrete examples, case studies, and links to further information. The tool thus supports small and medium sized tour operators to initially approach human rights risks relevant for their operations.

As a next step, the existing Get Started tool will be supplemented with very concrete and practical guidance (blueprint) for the setup of an exemplary value chain focussed human rights impact assessment (HRIA) in destinations that fits the needs and capabilities of small and medium sized tour operators.

This project is an ambitious, practice-oriented response to the needs of small and medium-sized tour operators, in order to systematically approach their risks and purposefully take measures to respect human rights along their value chain as part of their differentiated business activities.

The development of the methodology and content of the blueprint will take place in close dialogue with and feedback from RT members and will include ongoing accompanying trainings for tour operators.

The technical integration of the blueprint in the existing tool will be conducted by an IT-consultancy and is not part of the tender. A close cooperation with the contracted IT-consultancy is necessary. Invitations for tenders for IT agencies will be sent out in the next weeks. The RT is planning to test the developed HRIA methodology and blueprint during an on-site assessment in a project-destination – this element is planned for September 2019, but is not part of this tender. 

Please find attached the detailed invitation for tenders with all relevant information. Tenders must be submitted by 26 April 2019, 12:00 noon.